SEO This Week – EP 1 – AMP, Perfect SEO Content, 6 Mistakes

Google showing the site owner AMP implementation error warnings in search results
Google is now showing AMP implementation errors directly in the search results to the site owner. The error will show in the search result snippet and be a hyperlink to the help documentation on how to fix the…

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Business Intelligence Adoption Analysis

Marketing agencies are constantly having to find new ways to reach their target audiences across any number of platforms and mediums.  In particular, digital marketing agencies have hundreds, if not thousands, of digital properties that provide an avenue to reach clients and potential customers …

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Business Intelligence Tools SWOT Analysis

The objective of this document is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a two business intelligence tools available on the market.  There are several different tools available to businesses today, each with component’s and capabilities that could aid any business properly manage an…

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